Welcome to the Food Blog!

Here in this blog I will introduce you to the surprising variety of food available in Rexburg, Idaho. Being a relatively small town, with relatively not a lot to do, and yet pressure to go on dates anyway, I decided it would be fitting to analyze the many local eateries and help you make important decisions such as "Where do I want to eat today?" or "What restaurant would be good tonight?" or "Where so I take my date to dinner?" Therefore, check out the reviews (written by an amateur connoisseur) and make your decisions accordingly. Since some of the restaurants are major chains that you can find all over the place, I chose to ignore those and focus on the smaller chains and local gems. for you convenience I will list what restaurants were reviewed in what month. You can also follow them as links. You can also also follow the labels to find specifics such as desserts, burger joints, or the coveted Top 10. (The labels are at the bottom)

Frontier Pies
5 Buck Pizza
Da Pineapple Grill
BRC’s Frozen Custard/Franks Pulled Pork/We’re Twisted Pretzels
Gator Jack's Sandwich Shack
Snoasis Sno Shack
Big Jud's Country Diner
The Cocoa Bean
Paradise Donuts
Joe's Filling Station
The Flap Jack Shack
JB's Restaurant
Craigo’s (The Pizza Pie Café)
Idamont Café
Mill Hollow Frozen Yogurt
Kiwi Loco
G’s Dairy Quality Dairy Products
Karie Anne's Frozen Desserts
Nielsen's Frozen Custard
Nipa Hut
Ying Yang Oriental Kitchen
El Garden
Gringo’s Mexican Restaurant
Taco Buses
Teriyaki Express
Original Thai
New Fongs
Fongs (Old Fongs)
Mandarin's Chinese
Rexburg Root Beer Selection
Great Harvest Bread Company
College Ave. Deli
Sammy's Cafe
New York Burrito
Screw Flanders.